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After Effects Expressions Essentials

Learn Expressions  in 100 minutes!

Add to your repertoire of visual effects with Expressions Essentials. Let After Effects do most of the work by creating useful expressions that can be put to work on almost any project.

About This Course

In Expression.Essentials, we discusses the basic and advanced features of expressions within After Effects. Perhaps the most powerful tool within after effects, this training will give you a deep understanding of expressions that will undoubtedly take your visual effects and motion graphics to the next level.  The course provides a step by step training on how to improve your workflow, animations, as well as speed. This training is ideal for those already familiar with After Effects and includes detailed coverage of each stage with animating pointers and tips. Two bonus expression PDF’s are included with the course for reference.

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Includes Real Life Applications

This course includes real life projects and walks you through the expressions used to significantly reduce the time spent and improve animation capabilities. Watch the promo video below for an example. All tutorials are recorded in high definition. After taking you through the basic and advanced expressions I provide a 20 minute project tutorial where you learn to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a real visual effects project.The download is 1.4GB. If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page or email me personally on the contact page.

Package Contents – Expressions In After Effects


1. The Basics
2. Arrays and Variables
3. Value Expressions
4. If/Else Conditional
5. thisComp
6. Math Function
7. Wiggle
8. Linear Expression
9. Sample Image
10. Random/Clamp
11. Delay Time
12. Random/Clamp
13. Time Saving Tools
14. Real Life Project


Watch the Promo Video

Click to view this short video which explains more about the creative package and training for Expressions in After Effects.

Sample Tutorial with Expressions

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