Real Hand Gestures – Pre-Keyed

Pre-Keyed Hand Gestures

Simply Drag and Drop.

Drag and Drop these Pre-Keyed Hand Animations into your motion graphic videos.

What Is it?

This Pre-Keyed Hand Gesture pack includes over 150 hand animations. These Hand Gestures are organized into 3 categories that include front, side, and touchscreen angles. Male and Female hands are included. 

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Who Should Get it?

Anyone interested in motion graphics wanting to expand on their technique should get this to be better equipped to make fantastic work!

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In additional to the Real Hand Gestures pack you  will receive a download to 25 bonus male and female touchscreeen gestures. These include swipes, taps, touches, and grabs. Watch the sample video see see them all!

My Guarantee

If you don’t find these Pre-keyed Hand Gestures easy to use and professional I will give you your money back. I put a lot of time and research into making the absolute BEST Hand Gesture Pack that I could and am fully confident that you will feel fully equipped in taking your motion graphics projects to the next level with these animations.

Nothing Else Needed.

This product requires no other plugins and is fully compatible with After Effects, Motion, Final Cut, Vegas, Premier, Nuke and IMovie. While my basic training goes through the fundamentals of motion graphics, these Pre-Keyed elements allow you to easily add that extra touch to almost any project with little time and effort.

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What’s Included?

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