Real World Animations

For Beginner and Advanced After Effects Users.

This training thoroughly takes you through the entire process involved in creating a large variety of realistic Real World Animations using the Ted videos and After Effects as a learning platform. 

What Is it?

This Real World Animation series includes over 80 minutes and 15 lessons using After Effects, Mocha (free with After Effects), and Mocha Import +. This training is organized into 3 separate sections that include Body Animation, Facial Animation, Mixing Complex Shots, Shooting on Set, and even a bonus tutorial Export for Vine.  

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Who Should Get it?

Anyone interested in applying real world animations and expanding on their technique should get this to be better equipped to make fantastic work!

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In additional to the Ted And Aaron Animation training  you  will receive a download to the raw footage from over 8 Ted And Aaron Vines to practice with!

My Guarantee

If you don’t find this training easy to follow and helpful in achieving the animation effects seen in the Ted and Aaron Vines (regardless of your experience in After Effects) I will give you your money back. I put a lot of time and research into developing the most efficient and effective methods for these animations and am fully confident that you will feel fully equipped in taking your visual effects capabilities to the next level with this training.

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Nothing Else Needed.

This product requires no other plugins and is fully compatible with After Effects, Mocha (which comes free with After Effects), and Mocha Import+ (20% Discount Provided w/Purchase).

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What’s Included?

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Here are some videos driven by the visual effects taught in this course.

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