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Make Videos Like This! Toon.FX 2.0   We are excited to release the new Toon.FX 2.0. We have spent the last couple months drawing and animating a brand new set of characters and elements for you to put into your...

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Real Camera Shake Pro for After Effects – Free Preset!

Real Camera Shake Pro “Real Camera Shake Pro” allows you to easily add real 3d camera shake to a camera in After Effects.     “Real Camera Shake” is a preset unlike your traditional camera shake because it uses real world physics rather than a wiggle simulation in After Effects. Use this preset to add shake to your still shots....

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VFX Bro Directs Music Video – We Are Young

So stoked to have gotten the chance work with Luke Connard and Tiffany Alvord again on a cover music video. If you didn’t catch the last one it was Gym Class Heroes – Back Home. When Luke came to me back in March with the song I thought that integrating the Toon.FX pack would be a solid idea because of...

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Twixtor Template for After Effects

Use this project file for After Effects to easily slow down your footage by simply dragging in your footage to After Effects. This works best with footage shot at 60 frames per second at a shutter speed of 1/1000 or greater. I use the Canon 7D but you can also do this on the GoPro, Canon 60d, T2i, T3i, and...

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After Effects Expressions Essentials

Learn Expressions  in 100 minutes! Add to your repertoire of visual effects with Expressions Essentials. Let After Effects do most of the work by creating useful expressions that can be put to work on almost any project. About This Course In Expression.Essentials, we discusses the basic and advanced features of expressions within After Effects. Perhaps the most powerful tool within after...

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