VFX Bro Directs Music Video – We Are Young

So stoked to have gotten the chance work with Luke Connard and Tiffany Alvord again on a cover music video. If you didn’t catch the last one it was Gym Class Heroes – Back Home. When Luke came to me back in March with the song I thought that integrating the Toon.FX pack would be a solid idea because of the youthful vibe I got from listening to the song. Check out these screenshots from behind the scenes.

I used After Effects to do the comping, Mocha for all the 2d tracking, pftrack for one of the 3d tracked shots, and then cinema 4d to animate some of the 3d paper animations. I used Final Cut Pro to edit and Color for Color Correction.

Behind The Scenes

Original Music Video


Shoutouts to Riley & the Roxies for helping to shoot, direct and edit the video. They make some awesome music videos.

After Effects Project Toon.fxComplicated Toon.FXColor Correctionmocha pro